Dancehalls in Avoyelles Parish

Pelican Club

Alton Dupuy: “It was on the corner- the address was on Spring Bayou Road. It was owned by Whitney Bordelon in the 1950s. You entered into the bar and there was a pathway straight through to the dancehall. You’d get your hand stamped when you paid to dance. It might have been the Moonlight Inn before that. My sister (Bruce Daigrepont’s mother), Jennie Rita Dupuy, danced with Hank ...[Read More]

Shep’s Club

Listed in “Readers recall clubs where they danced to Louisiana Music” from The Daily Advertiser, December 29, 1998: “Readers of The Daily Advertiser were asked to submit names of’ the clubs where they danced to Louisiana music in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, with a brief recollection of what the club was like and who played there.” rough place

Colonial Club

Dale Walker: “The Colonial Club is one of the clubs I remember going to when my dad was in the band and they played there mainly on Saturday Nights. The Colonial Club was really what I would call a Honky Tonk. It was the classic white building with no windows except maybe one in the back. At that time there was no fire marshals nor was there any fire safety laws. It must have been in the mid ...[Read More]

Lee’s Club

Nancy Thevenot: “Lee Thevenot had a club on the Long Bridge road. My husband worked there as a bartender while he went to trade school. Lee was his first cousin. After Sunday mass everyone went to Lee’s. We would dance to the jukebox. Have a good time until time to go home for dinner. We were high school students at the time. A different time and era.” The Boogie Kings played the ...[Read More]

Bluejay’s Oasis

hwy 29- built by Lee Tevino in early 1960s- country & swamp pop man music there- big room closed in 2008 or so- now small bar open mostly- rental hall in back- occasional themed parties held there by owner. Owner is Arlyn “Blue” Johnsonne- 318-876-2011

Blue Moon

Alton Dupuy: “It was nice. Named bands played there- orchestras. It was where the more affluent people from Marksville went to have a good time. You’d have to dress up to get in there- coat and tie and all that.” Sonny Harris on 2/24/2015: “I’m ninety-four years old- so what I’m about to tell you isn’t what someone told me- I lived it. My father, Vines Har ...[Read More]

Moo Nu Club

Included in a 2006 Louisiana Cajun dance hall list compiled by WYNK Cajun DJ “Tee Mick” Abed, sent to me in personal correspondence from David Marcantel