Dancehalls in East Baton Rouge Parish


Cajun restaurant with dance floor, live music Will Laborde: “Boutin’s closed earlier this year (2015). No more restaurant or dancing.”

Knights of Columbus Hall

Hollis Boudreaux- “On Airline Hwy. in Baton Rouge was the place to go on a Friday night to dance, meet friends , drink a few cold ones, and join the band if you wanted too. Every band from south la played there, well almost. I invited the Touchet Brothers but it was too far to travel T-Coon told me. Huge dance floor and many tables and chairs too sit on. You could put 600 people in there eas ...[Read More]


African American club- Featured in the 1949 Negro Motorist Green Book: 220 Boatnes Street

Tabby’s Blues Box

From the East Baton Rouge Public Library Places website- : “Tabby’s Blues Box and Heritage Hall opened its doors in 1979 as the first and only blues club in Baton Rouge. It featured authentic blues music, offered the original blues “jam,” and welcomed fans from all over the world. The Thursday night Hoo Doo Party was a favorite w ...[Read More]


African American club- Featured in the 1949 Negro Motorist Green Book: 864 S. 13th Street


Included in a list compiled by WYNK Cajun DJ “Tee Mick” Abed, sent to me in personal correspondence from David Marcantel

Candlelight Inn

Candlelight Inn

Photo from the Johnnie Allan Collection at the Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Caption: Rhythm Masters, Candlelight Inn, Baton Rouge, 1963 (L-R): Willie Tee, Jon Smith, Glenn Himel, Ronnie Broussard, Poochie Benoit, Raymond Cormier