Dancehalls in Lafourche Parish

Foret’s Dancehall

Foret’s Dancehall

Joyce Zeringue- closed around 1951- on Tetreau Street near East Junior High School now in middle of town- little kids went with parents- nickel a dance- bar for of age- orchestra played all kinds of music- torn down after closing.

College Inn

Joyce Zeringue- opened 1946- more nightclub but dancing too- 424 Jackson Street- corner of West 1st Street & Jackson:

Frost’s Hall

Frost’s Hall

Newspaper mention of dance:


Maria Zeringue’s grandmom Myra Blanchard : Fats Domino played there- they had “gentny dances” where the men paid. Next door was the Tokio restaraunt. Mostly for younger people- they had a fence around the dancefloor- it was a skating rink during lent- at height in the 1930s. Torn down. Where shoe place is across from Raceland Bridge on Hwy 1. (Memories revisted: Raceland & B ...[Read More]

Tokio Fun Pavilion

Opened by a retired chemist who had an affinity for Tokyo. It was a part of a complex that included an inn and theater. The dancehall was later sold to the Labats who renamed it the OST. It then later became the Raceland Jaycee Lodge and even later a warehouse. It was later torn down to make room for progress in town. (Memories revisted: Raceland & Bowie II, Cortez & Rybiski)

Welcome Inn

Maria Zeringue’s grandmom Myra Blanchard- on Hwy 308 rough kind of place with lots of beer drinking