Dancehalls in Lafourche Parish

Unknown Dancehall

From “Louisiana: A Guide to the State”: “The Cajuns of the Lockport vicinity have several curious customsÉTrucks are sent out along the road by the owners of dance halls to transport people to the weekly dances- separate trucks for men and women in order that the occupants may be packed more closely. Before the days of automobiles, groups went to dances on barges and in boats. ...[Read More]

H&R Sports Bar

Old dancehalls on bayou- low ceilings- Ryan Brunet’s grandparents danced there- Ryan said he played there and on moonlit nights they turn off the lights and open the doors- light reflecting off bayou lights the place- still there and open- Renee Authement owns- grandson runs now


Maria Zeringue’s grandmom Myra Blanchard- originally the Pavillion, moved from Thibodaux