Dancehalls in Iberia Parish

Tropicana reader comment- Shane Bernard: “Until about 10 years ago (circa 2005) there was a nightclub on Highway 182 between Broussard and New Iberia called the Tropicana. I found this address: Tropicana Club, 1815 Old Spanish Trl, St. Martinville, LA. The building is still there, but the sign is gone.”

La Louisiane

La Louisiane

5509 Hwy. 14: now a rental banquet hall: holds CFMA meeting monthly 5509 Highway 14, New Iberia: 337-465-4952

Club La Louisiane

Club La Louisiane

5509 Hwy 14: Included in Emily Ardoin’s 2014 thesis “Fais do-do to ‘Hippy Ti-Yo’: Dance Halls of South Louisiana”: “Club La Louisiane is on Highway 14. The dancehall is now used as a banquet and rental hall. The construction is brick, the roof is flat, the foundation is a concrete slab. The dance floor is composed of wood strips.” The owner was Billeus (Br ...[Read More]

El Club Seville

From “El Club Seville on West Main during the early 70’s. Billy John and The Everyday People was a regular popular band there. Had some really great times there.Was always jam packed for the Fais-do-do at Sugar Cane Festival time.”

Golden Pheasant

From “Anyone remember the club Our Gang- it was on Hwy 182 and used to be the Golden Pheasant. Waaaay back when.” “Éoff 182 by the Navy Base and in the woods by spanish LakeÉ”

Golden Wheel

Found in “Hustling to Survive” by Robert E. Maguire: Late 70s disco place with DJs- Doctor Boogie & Dr. Jam- poster in Maguire