Dancehalls in Caddo Parish

Lake Cliff Club

Philip Dutton: “When I was in high school and college in the 70s there was a bar and dance hall on the north side of Cross Lake called The Lake Cliff Club. As I recall it was primarily a country western honky-tonk. I was only in it once. Long haired hippies were uncomfortable there. :))”

Glass Hat

Glass Hat

Matchbook cover: The Glass Hat Cocktail Lounge 427 Crocket St. Shreveport, LA Continuous Entertainment The Glass Hat Cocktail Lounge 323 Texas Street Shreveport, LA Just the place for the perfect evening Continuous Entertainment


From Shreveport garage band The Rogue Show played there for several years- ending in 1969.

Skyway Club

Mentioned in “Louisiana Fiddlers” by Ron Yule and Bill Burge: (Owners Pete and Hilda”Peaches” Hardin) are most noted for the Skyway Club on Highway 80, which they operated during the Louisiana Hayride years of the late 1940s and 1950s. This club was frequented by Òeverybody who was anybodyÓ and wanted to party away from the Louisiana Hayride. Peaches recalls Hank Williams, ...[Read More]

Southland Park

From Teen Club that Shreveport garage band The Group/Noel Odom and the Group played there 1964-1969

Zeigler Home

Zeigler Home

Third floor dance hall on the third floor of a private home, 1897:

Gay 90’s

716 Louisiana Street: 1965 Polk Directory: In the Arlington Hotel on cotton street. Several popular clubs were located on the ground floor.

American Legion Hall

American Legion Hall

Mentioned in “Louisiana Fiddlers” by Ron Yule and Bill Burge: Bill Kirkpatrick played bass in the eleven piece big band Milt Chapman Orchestra there after WW2.