Dancehalls in St. Bernard Parish

De Pope Tavern and Boat Launch

From : Written by Sara-Ann Harris “The Saturday night dance tradition including décima singing, Spanish/Isleño dinner, and speaking in Spanish fell away in the late 1940s. It was not revived. However, after Katrina, Edween Nunez, a man who grew up on Saturday night dances, reconstituted a variation on the custom. After th ...[Read More]

Coconut Island Barroom

Dayna Bowker Lee: “There were a couple of halls in the Isleno community in St. Bernard Parish. One was the Coconut Island Barroom, destroyed by Katrina but replicated now on the Isleno cultural park property.” From : “The Society moved the Coconut Island Barroom, a 1920 cypress board and batten structure, and the Estopinal House and kitchen, ...[Read More]