Dancehalls in Vermilion Parish

Four Corners reader comment- Mark Prevost: “…my uncle John Blanchard used to own or run a bar in Kaplan (I think) named the Four Corners.”

“D” Esquire Lounge

“D” Esquire Lounge East Hwy, 14 Kaplan, Louisiana Phone MI 3-9213 reader comment- Mark Prevost: “…my uncle John Blanchard used to own (The ‘D’ Esquire Lounge) back in the early 60’s. I have the match book cover from it…”

Dee’s Lounge reader comment – Michael Juan Nunez: “One more is a place called “Dee’s Lounge”. Located on the Hwy14 bypass in Abbeville. (It is still standing and operating today) I played there with singer named Ronnie Vice for 3-4 years every Sunday night. In the mid to late 90’s The stories from that place would take me all night to write down.̶ ...[Read More]

The Barn reader comment – Michael Juan Nunez: “In Guydan outside of town heading toward Lake Auther there was a dancehall called ‘The Barn’ in the early 90’s. Live music every weekend…mostly Cajun and Country bands… The Barn was a very popular place in that area during that time. By this time in my life I had been playing professionally for ...[Read More]

The OK Corral reader comment – Michael Juan Nunez: “I don’t know very much about the place, except for the fact that I played a dance there one Lundi Gras (my first ‘professional’ gig as a musician) and it wasn’t long after that the doors closed. It has been a while since I’ve been in that area…over the Intercoastal Bridge immediately to th ...[Read More]

Royal Ann’s

Paul Breaux: “This is where the second of the two nice places in Abbeville, was located at and was named Royal Ann’s. During my era, Kaplan and Abbeville, had a hatred for each other, and if someone from either place was ID’d, they became the enemy to the people in that town. Alex’s was a much more cordial and less intimidating place than Royal Ann’s was, but if you r ...[Read More]


Paul Breaux: “This one is known as Prim’s, and is found on Hwy. 14 in Kaplan, next to Church Street, and the Sonic is right across the street from it. Prim’s was an older crowd type, until after my time, when people would go, and play organized card games.”

La Chaudier

Paul Breaux: “La Chaudier (the POT) was one of the very best dance places in Kaplan from the 80’s on, until it burned down 5 or 6 years back. A man named Roger owned it, and had bands every weekend, even some from out of state. It was a success, (until an unfortunate event where a drunken underaged driver died after leaving one night and her parents sued the owner). Well, the place was ...[Read More]

Jolly Inn

Paul Breaux: “It was located on Hwy. 82/35, right before the Intracoastal Canal. Coming from Kaplan, it was on the right side of the road and was about 1/4 mile past the Rock-a-Bye. The Rock-a-Bye was a place that was well known for fights, and if hunters or fisherman stopped, they’d better behave themselves. I remember some hunters stopped one night and were from upstate somewhere, an ...[Read More]


Paul Breaux: “This is a place that has been there for some time. Located at the intersection of Hwy. 14 and Hwy. 13 out of Crowley, it was mostly for the older crowd. Bands did play occasionally, and they had a good turnout, but it wasn’t one of Kaplan’s best.”