500 Club

Status: Closed

Parish: Orleans

Location: New Orleans

1940s era French Quarter Jazz club on corner of St. Louis & Bourbon: 441 Bourbon Street (now Bourbon Street Blues Company): From the New Orleans Jazz History Central Vieux Carre Walking Tour brochure: “One of the early jazz spots on Bourbon St., Prima’s 500 Club was operated by Leon Prima, Louis’s older brother and himself a trumpeter of some repute. Prima and Frank Federico were highlighted at the opening in 1946, and music historian Hank Kmen later played in the band here.”


Photo Credit: meandlee.com

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  1. Infamous Carlos Marcello once said, That he
    He claimed however, that he was simply a salesman for the Pelican Tomato Company and earned $1500 a month.bar and restaurant that came to be known as Willswood Tavern. It sat on Highway 90, about fifteen miles west of New Orleans .Carlos Marcello, the O’Dwyers opened a club at 100 Jefferson Highway in 1949 called “O’Dwyer’s.
    Carlos Marcello 500 club 441 Bourbon Street New Orleans,that Anna Lewis ,David Lewis,Lee Harvey Oswald went to as well Old Opera house.On Bourbon Street leads to Court of Two Sisters cornerBourbon and Royal St. (cooper/marcello rumored owned)Carlos Marcello Town N Country Hotel 1225 Airline Highway New Orleans. Barry seal died Salvation Army 7361 Airline Highway Baton Rouge.David Ferrie Gas station 2316 Veterans Highway Metairie Lousiana.B.C.Seal Texaco located corner Acadian Thuway /Gov’t St Baton Rouge. Carlos Marcello He bought a bar in Gretna, ran a liquor store in Metairie, dabbled in illegal slot machine dealings and gobbled up real estate in Jefferson and St. Charles parishes.1981, Marcello, along with three others, was indicted in a scheme to bribe state officials.
    e was finally sentenced in 1983 to a long prison term &After he had served six years, Marcello suffered a series of strokes. In July 1989, his conviction was set aside and he was released in October.
    Marcello served eight years in prison and was released when a federal appeals court threw out the Brilab conviction. He returned home to Metairie and died in his sleep four years later.After retiring from organized crime he spent his last days in his two-story mansion made out of white marble in Metairie. There he died on March 2, 1993.


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