Big Daddy’s Au-Go-Go Club

Status: Closed

Parish: Calcasieu

Location: Lake Charles

Mentioned in Louisiana and Texas garage music magazine Brown Paper Sack, issue #1, January, 1997 in the article “Time Remains: A Subjective Side to South Louisiana Rock ‘n’ Roll Singles, 1965-1967”:

“According to (Lake Charles band The Castaways vocal/rhythm guitar player Joey Floyd), they mostly played proms and frat parties, thought they did appear regularly at some place called ‘Big Daddy’s Au-Go-Go Club.’

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  1. My Uncle Al LeBleu was the drummer of the Castaways and co-owner, along with my grandparents, of Big Daddy’s Au Go-Go Club. I would love some information on how to obtain a copy of the magazine in which this article was published. We’ve recently lost a huge part of our Lake Charles music history as they are tearing down old recording studios and music shops of yesteryear and much memorabilia has been lost. I’d be much obliged to receive any information you can find on Big Daddy’s Au Go Go or The Castaways. I haven’t been able to locate an album or any photographs. Thank you for having this site available for those interested in our city’s musical history.


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