Bucket of Blood

Status: Closed

Parish: Rapides

Location: near Glenmora

Mentioned in “Louisiana Fiddlers” by Ron Yule and Bill Burge: Rainbow Ramblers with Jimmie Davis played there on Central Louisiana tours. “It had not gotten its name because the place served Bloody Marys or was a blood donation site. This place was rough. The nightly fight and bloodbath broke out about 11 o’clock, and before long the whole place was filled with a frenzy of wild fighting, swinging drunks, and crazed dancers. The band finally got in on the act (they had been drinking, too). During the melee, some guy ran in and tried to hit Cecil Burge with his fist. Like a scripted movie scene, Cecil whopped him over the head with his fiddle and down the man went. He did not stay on the floor very long. He came flying up with a drawn knife and hit Cecil in the throat. Guy Allen, the tenor guitar and bass player, grabbed Cecil when he saw him go down and held him. Before long, he felt something warm on his leg and in his boot. It was CecilÕs blood. They rushed him to the hospital and Guy recalled, ‘I could feel his blood sloshing in my boot as I walked.’ Guy would later become a Baptist minister and serve congregations in Pineville and DeRidder.”

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