Status: Closed

Parish: Avoyelles

Location: Marksville

Alton Dupuy: It was on Highway 1- the nicest club in the area. It was a dancehall, gambling room, and bar. They had those long dice tables in the gambling room. This was in the WW2 era- it burnt down mid 1950s. When it burned down, people remarked “How I miss that beautiful big dance floor.” It was low to the ground, with concrete steps leading up. There were big front doors that you’d go through- then on the left when you went in, there was a big half circle shaped bar. Past that was another big set of doors that led to the bid dancehall. As you went in, there was a door on the right that led to the big gaming room. They probably had girls (prostitutes) there whn the club was in it’s heyday. The Todora family (Italians from New Orleans) owned it. I assume there was a Mafia connection.

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