College Inn

Status: Closed

Parish: Lafourche

Location: Thibodaux

Joyce Zeringue- opened 1946- more nightclub but dancing too- 424 Jackson Street- corner of West 1st Street & Jackson:


  1. Was stationed at Keesler in Biloxi in 1963, 64, and part of 65, Before the war in SE asia. many of us would pile in cars and drive west to Thibodaux on Friday or Sat nights. We had some great times and great music. The brass and guitar bands really hit the beat and were a fantastic sound. We were about the same ages as the nicholl’s college girls who hung out at the Thib. Fond memories.

    • Hi Bob! I just found this website & thought I would answer your comment. My dad & uncles had a band called Sid Holiday & the Blue Notes & they would travel all along the gulf coast & play at the Kessler base often during that time. Do you happen to remember them? I am looking for old photos or newspaper articles. Thanks so much & have a good week. Julie

  2. Played horn with The Sensations every other Sunday night.This was in 1967 because I was going to USL. Place was full of college students from Nichols. My band director at Abbeville High School, Tony Fontana and Prof Erny from Lafayette ,played the opening night at The College Inn. Mr. Fontana played trombone and their music was “big band” sound.


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