Delta Club

Parish: Ouachita

Location: Monroe reader comment- Wanda Shannon: “When I was around 9 years old, momma and my step daddy, Billy, had another baby. Made the 10th one for momma. Woke up one night with him screaming to high heaven. The DELTA CLUB was a very large dance hall, right up the road from us, on the Winsboro Highway, in Monroe, Louisiana. Momma would leave Billy there, when she got tired of dancing and then go back and pick him up, so thats where she was when bubba woke me up with his high pitched screaming.That was one big amazing place…there’s lots of stories there! If you could advertise around, you may would get pictures and stories. My oldest sister could probably tell some. Really brings back old memories to me because that was one big wooden floor, very popular and my momma loved dancing and loved Cajun and country music. I was only 9 but that place just captivated me everytime I passed by….”

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