Golden Slipper

Parish: East Baton Rouge

Location: Baton Rouge

Mentioned in Louisiana and Texas garage magazine Brown Paper Sack, issue #1, January, 1997

In the article “Toga A Go-Go″:
“The Roamin’ Togas solidified their rep throughout ’67 at most of the famed venues in South Louisiana at the time like the Beaconette in New Orleans, the Golden Slipper in Baton Rouge, the Puppy Pen in Lake Charles, Paul’s Lounge in Jeanerette, and the York Club in Lafayette.”

In the article “Hearsin’ Around: The Playgue″:
The Playgue vocalist/bassist Lewis Moyse: “…(Our managers) maybe thought we were going to make them rich, but they got us gigs in good places, around LSU, clubs like the Golden Slipper (a drinking club LSU students went to)…”

In the article “The Bad Roads″:

The Bad Roads guitarist Bryan Smith: “We’d play at the Golden Slipper in Baton Rouge, the York Club in Lafayette, LeFleur’s Roller Rink in Sulphur, the Catacombs in Houston…”

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