Hick’s Wagon Wheel Club

Status: Closed

Parish: Evangeline

Location: Ville Platte

Photo from Johnnie Allan Image Collection, Center for Louisiana Studies, Univeristy of Louisiana at Lafayette: L-R, Preston Manuel, Morris ‘T-Boy’ Courville, J.B. Fuselier, Elvis Soileau Courtesy of Preston Manuel and Ann Savoy.

Opelousas- Ville Platte highway Cajun- b/n Point Blue & Opelousas on 749- Aldus Roger & the Lafayette Playboys were frequent performers- Nick Fontenot met his wife there 1959: parents did not allow him to go to dances in Ville Platte because it was too rough!

Aldus Roger and the Lafayette Playboys- Hicks Wagon Wheel Special


Photo Credit: Johnnie Allan, Ann Savoy, and Preston Manuel

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