Mac’s Country & Western Club/ Roller Rink

Status: Closed

Parish: Avoyelles

Location: Marksville

Listed in “Readers recall clubs where they danced to Louisiana Music” from The Daily Advertiser, December 29, 1998: “Readers of The Daily Advertiser were asked to submit names of’ the clubs where they danced to Louisiana music in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, with a brief recollection of what the club was like and who played there.” Alton Dupuy: it was next to the Pelican club. Mac Baudin was the owner.

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  1. I remember it was mac’s roller rink and then became the peacock on spring bayou road near the pelican club
    and harry’s burger stand and famous pronto pups .. mr harry bordelon was the floor bouncer and much of a man .. I could
    catch a ride with mr harry every sat. night in the early 60’s .. he and his wife miss dorthy and their 3 sons Samuel, terry , and larry and myself all rode
    together in mr harry’s vehicle .. marvin roy hessmer,la.


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