Murphy’s Dance Hall and Skating Rink

Status: Closed

Parish: Rapides

Location: Alexandria

From Sepia Socialite, May 1942:

Murphy’s Dance Hall and Skating Rink Is Alexandria’s Largest

“Located on the old Boise Highway 20, the Murphy’s Dance Hall and Skating Rink is one of the most colorful play spots in the Central Louisiana area. Mr. George Murphy, owner and manager of this swell night spot, has wedged his way deep into the hearts of many pleasure seekers. The dance hall where Earl Hines recently played to more than 2,100 people is one of the finest of the state. He has a very beautiful bar, sells all kinds of liquor and soft drinks and sandwiches. Many of the big bands of the nation have played at Murphy’s place in the years past, a special show. The place was opened in 1936, and since that time Mr. Murphy has enjoyed a progressive business venture.
He owns a forty acre tract of land upon which he operates a farm. Assisting him in his business is his capable wife, Mrs. Wilhelmina Bowen Murphy, and Dotson Johnson.
The place is modernly equipped throughout and is so constructed as to offer the maximum of cool breezes during the summer. In addition to the dance hall and skating rink, there are five tourist cabins with two rooms to each.
In the top left picture Mr. and Mrs. Murphy stand ready to greet hundreds of soldiers and civilians who gather at the famous rendezvous nightly. Top right picture, Mr. Murphy turns on one of the ceiling fans in the longhair. Bottom left picture shows the scenic Murphy estate of forty acres dotted with tourist cabins, and in the foreground of his park. In the bottom right picture Mr. Murphy supervises the construction of their new home, which will be the last word in modernization and comfort. ‘I owe this to Mrs. Murphy…we have worked hard, and are entitled to some comfort,’ stated the modest spoken owner of all these surveys.”


Photo Credit: Sepia Socialite, May 1942

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