Offshore Lounge

Status: Open / Seasonal

Parish: St. Landry

Location: Lawtell

103-127 Par Road 6-40-1: Included in Emily Ardoin’s 2014 thesis “Fais do-do to ‘Hippy Ti-Yo’: Dance Halls of South Louisiana”: “Roy’s Offshore Lounge is a zydeco club located in the largely Creole community of Lawtell. The club was previously called the Gin Side Inn. It was opened in the 1950s as the Gin Side Inn, became the Offshore Lounge in the 1980s, and closed in 2010. It is currently vacant and awaiting rehabilitation. The building is of frame construction, has a side gabled and metal roof, no parapet, and has a concrete pier foundation. The dance floor is constructed of wood strips and the ceiling is composed of plywood panels. The building is in fair condition, with the bar located in the same room as the dance floor. Several alterations made when Roy Carrier when it reopened as Roy’s Offshore Lounge around 1981. All information is from the current owner (Carrier’s son); I don’t have historic photos. A separate bar room attached to the front of the building was removed, and a new bar was constructed inside the main dance hall space. A second stage was added, and a portion of the space was partitioned off for an added kitchen and restrooms. Originally called the Gin-Side Inn and associated with Swamp Pop. Closed after owner’s death. Family is raising money w/benefit concerts to repair septic system; hope to reopen by 2015.” Owned by Roy Carrier


Photo Credit: John Sharp

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  1. I use to come to see Roy and his wife Louise back in the 90’s when I was in a relationship with his Son Chubby Carrier. His other son Troy otherwise known as Dickie was married to Caroline. His sister Elaine and daughter KayKay lived not far from the Offshore lounge. There was good times but unfortunately more bad. I was devastated when I heard of Roy Sr passing. He and his wife made me feel at home when I came over from Chubby and it’s home. Would love to see this place again, one day I’ll bring my daughter an grandson and come eat some good Ole Louisiana cooking.


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