Purple Peacock

Status: Open / Seasonal

Parish: St. Landry

Location: Eunice

1467 E Laurel Avenue/ 3284 Hwy 190: Listed in the 1971 & 1989 Polk Eunice City Directory: Included in Emily Ardoin’s 2014 thesis “Fais do-do to ‘Hippy Ti-Yo’: Dance Halls of South Louisiana”: “The Purple Peacock is a swamp pop venue located on the highway in Eunice. It was opened in 1964 and still opens once a year (for a Mardi Gras dance). The building is of a frame construction, has a side gabled and metal roof, no parapet, and has a concrete pier foundation. The dance floor is constructed of wood strips. Overall interior layout is mostly the same, but the original bar was removed and two new bars were added. Some interior finishes have been altered, but the owner says the carpet on the walls is original (has been painted black). Exterior now clad with corrugated metal panels; rumored to have been wood siding originally.”


Photo Credit: Photo from the Johnnie Allan Collection at the Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Interior photo courtesy of Emily Ardoin. Exterior medium format photos by John Sharp.

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