Ritz Nite Club

Status: Closed

Parish: Ouachita

Location: Monroe

From Sepia Socialite, May 1942:

The Ritz Nite Club Is Monroe’s Sports Center

“The Ritz Night Club in Monroe, one of the finest in teh city, is one of the contributions to the sporting and entertainment world that Willie J. “Teedlum” Smith has given to this northeast Louisiana city. He is one of the most popular and best known men in town, especially famous for his sporting characteristics. He is well versed on the reputation and standing of all the leading bands, many of them having been booked by him. The Savoy Ball Room, also operated by him on North Tenth Street in the Miller-Roy Building, is the headquarters for the city sports and dance enthusiasts.
Mr. Smith has only been in business for two years, but has always been outstanding as a true sportsman and a regular fellow about town. Recently he presented the ‘Rays of Rhythm,’ popular girls’ band. The bands brought to Monroe and northeast Louisiana under his promotion are: Earl Hines, who will play here on a return engagement in December, and Count Basie in January.
Miss Mary Lee Moore, pictured, is the day manager of the Ritz Night club, that is located at Ninth and Layton Streets, and is on elf the finest entertainment spots in teh city. Mr. Smith’s new Mercury was bought through Colored salesman Louis James. He reported its performance perfect after a trip to Detroit, Chicago, and other points this summer.”


Photo Credit: Sepia Socialite, May 1942

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