Tabby’s Blues Box

Status: Closed

Parish: East Baton Rouge

Location: Baton Rouge

From the East Baton Rouge Public Library Places website- :

“Tabby’s Blues Box and Heritage Hall opened its doors in 1979 as the first and only blues club in Baton Rouge. It featured authentic blues music, offered the original blues “jam,” and welcomed fans from all over the world. The Thursday night Hoo Doo Party was a favorite with college students.
Famous local musicians — Henry Gray, Silas Hogan, Raful Neal — could be found playing there when they were in town. Tabby’s son and Grammy Award winner, Chris Thomas King, got his start there and signed his first recording contract in the Blues Box. The “Box” was visited by many famous people: Mike Tyson, Paul Newman, Bruce Springsteen and Shaquille O’Neal were just a few.
In 1999, the North Blvd. railroad overpass project caused the demolition of the original location and a new location was found on Lafayette St. in downtown Baton Rouge. The new ‘Box’ opened in 2000 and stayed open until 2004 when Tabby had a massive stroke while waiting to go onstage.”

Photo Credit: Nick Spitzer, Louisiana Folklife

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