Twin City Auditorium

Status: Closed

Parish: Ouachita

Location: Monroe

From the Sepia Socialite, May 1942:

Carroll’s Twin-City Auditorium-Gym Is a Monument To Negro Initiative And A Credit to North Louisiana

“Morris Henry Carroll came out of Southern University a few years ago and began a program of physical education as coach of Monroe Colored High School that today is climaxed with the erection of a $5,000 gymnasium adjacent to the school that is second to none in the state of Louisiana. The city, unable to afford such an extra curricular structure was more than cooperative when Mr. Carroll outlined his personally initiated program.
Officials, well wishes of the school and white benefactors not only encouraged the erection of such a recreational center but lent actual support to Mr. Carroll’s efforts, which resulted in the completion of the magnificent building (above) modernly equipped for basketball and other forms of recreation.
The structure saves a very definite need in the community. As is here shown the crowd jammed in on its opening night during the Xmas holidays, intensely watching the basketball game between the local high school and Bastrop, culminating their victory with a school dance. Mr. Sam Burns, former Southern University All-American is assistant coach and manager.
Mr. Carroll has made it known that those wishing to use the conveniences of the Twin-City Gymnasium may write him in care of the Monroe Colored High School.
Mr. Carroll, the son of Mrs. K.W. Carroll of West Monroe is highly regarded by leading white officials of the city and the state. His courage, manhood and initiative is respected by all who know him. As coach-teacher in the high school since his graduation from Southern University in 1923, he has developed a large following among the younger sets of Monroe in whose interest he has painstakingly evolved this recreational program.
His sisters Misses Ethel, Arniece and Gladys Carroll are all making a fin mark in educational work. His wife Mrs. Henrianna Johnson Carroll is the successful proprietor of the La Henri Anna beauty school on Washington and Tenth Street at Monroe.”


Photo Credit: Sepia Socialite, May 1942

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