Two Mile Inn

Status: Closed

Parish: Calcasieu

Location: Peck

Jody Morvant: “The ‘Two Mile Inn’ located on Highway 8 approximately 1 mile north of the Peck Community in Catahoula Parish. 4,350 square feet, rented for $400 per week including all equipment. Photo dated May 4, 1995. Well established clientele.”

Photo courtesy of Jody Morvant reader comment- Raymond McCastle: “We moved to the Two Mile Inn when I was 4 years old, 1965. My Father was in the Air Force, therefore, we lived in France the first 4 years of my life. We returned to the USA. in 1965 and My parents divorced immediately. I later found out, Dad had given me two more siblings while living in France. However, my mother returned to her home. This is how I ended up at the Two Mile Inn. We rented a small two bedroom house that face in the direction of the Two Mile in. My Grandmother lived around 100 yards south of our house. The Two Mile Inn was composed of a gas station; around 5 grocery/clothing store, restaurants, boring rental rooms; 3 night clubs; pool hall and game rooms; a gambling shack; a meat smoke house; and a garbage yard. This was a family orientated and self-efficient community. One night after midnight, woke us (3 kids-me, my sister and brother) yelling “run, run to gran maw house”. We ran and looked back toward the Two Mile Inn. 4 Buildings were burning because the KKK didn’t like black people earning a good living. The KKK gave warnings. They burned cross and wrote on business owners cars, warning them. They would write, if you don’t close down, we will burn you down “KKK”.


Photo Credit: Jody Morvant


  1. The Two Mile Inn was in Catahoula parish. I grew up there in the 60’s.

    • To:…”Raymond McCastle”,
      …Hell of a memory that is to have gone through. I know it’s years down the road , but sorry you and your family had to deal with people like them. Sadly racism is still an issue these days. Thank you for sharing this personal storie to the public. I came across this site looking for back in the day blues/jazz (and everything in between) houses/clubs .I Found some old records(lp’s) that mention a few places the greatest musicians started out or played alot during 30’s -60’s.
      Im passing through Louisiana heading to Florida on a short trip with family coming from Tx. Thought I’d stop by some local musical history spots along the way,
      If still around that is. Not many, what should be historical places being left these days.
      Once again Raymond thanks for letting us in on some of your life history, deeply appreciated..Wish you the best, for the rest of the days to come..!

    • Hey Raymond, you know I know all about Two Miles End. But I never heard anyone say how it got the name Two miles end. Do you have any idea. Lots of fun but we had dark days there too but through it all I survived until the last building burn to the ground. I saw it burning on my way home from Clayton. I have to admit I shaded a few tears.

      • Hi Larry- my half great uncle George Allen owned the inn until his death in 1936.

  2. I do have some photos of the Two Mile Inn

    • This is Lee Price. Good to hear from you about the Two Mile Inn. I knew your grandmother and as you know your mother taught me in school. Me and all my sisters and brother ran the Two Mile Inn from 1965 to the mid 80’s. I was there for the bombing. Hollis Jackson and Nolan Norman was outside when the KKK burned the cross and threw the bomb and then there was a gun fight. Last but not least, when Willie Jean sold the place to Phillip that’s when the entire place was burnt to the ground and Phillip sold the dirt to Armstrong and that was the end of The Two Mile Inn.

    • Do you still have pics of the Two Mile Inn? I tried clicking on the above link buy nothing comes up. I’m doing some research on this place and would love to see a photo.

  3. Several generations of my family went to the Twi Mike Inn when it was a series of 4-5 wooden buildings. I always wanted to go for the historical and curiosity factor. Sadly the original buildings are gone. But I have memories of my father and cousins stories.


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