Webb’s Nite Club

Status: Closed

Parish: Rapides

Location: Alexandria

From the Sepia Socialite, May 1942:

Webb’s Nite Club Is Alex.’s Principal U.S.O. Center

“One of the favorite spots in Alexandria is the Webb’s Night Club located at the corner of Mill and Princeton Streets. C.M. Webb and M.L. Webb (top picture), brother combination that manages this place, has provided Alexandria with high type night club entertainment for over a year. The place was opened on June 16, 1940, upon an initial investment of $5,000.00 and its estimated value today is more than $20,000.00.
The Webb brothers own the property upon which the structure is built, which is beautifully decorated with neon signs, completely air conditioned and offers superb night club accommodations for the Negro citizenry of Alexandria. Webb’s Night Club has been designated as U.S.O. headquarters for soldiers. (Note M.P.’s in bottom picture.)
The twelve employees receive an approximate average monthly salary of $500.00. The place does a mammoth business, selling up to 175 cases of beer each week.
The brothers have bought and paid for a very beautiful home at 2506 Wise Street where their mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Webb, live. The father is a pioneer of Louisiana, a free man of color, born in Rhinehart, Louisiana. He was formerly a cattle dealer, farmer and real estate dealer.
Some of the outstanding bands of the bands of the nation frequently appear in the Webb Night Club, such as ‘Fats Waller’, ‘Bama State Collegians,’ etc. The Webbs in bringing this type of entertainment to Alexandria have offered the draftees and soldiers in this section the type of entertainment they otherwise would not have gotten. Currently, the Camp Claiborne Band furnishes music for the draftees occasional amusement. Comprising this band are famous maestros from Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines and other big bands, who are draftees. ┬áBig programs are scheduled for the Fall and Winter season at Webb’s. Watch the columns of the ‘Socialite’ for announcements of special attractions.”



Photo Credit: Sepia Socialite, May 1942

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