Dancehalls in Avoyelles Parish

Peacock Club

Dale Walker: “It was in the late 60’s and early 70’s and located on the Spring Bayou Road aka Bayou Blanc Community in Marksville, LA. It was a great place. I was in my teens but individuals of all ages went dancing there. It was owned by Mac Boudin. He would get bands from all over and in this sleepy little town it was a dream come true. I can remember some of the bands and I ...[Read More]


Alton Dupuy: It was on Highway 1- the nicest club in the area. It was a dancehall, gambling room, and bar. They had those long dice tables in the gambling room. This was in the WW2 era- it burnt down mid 1950s. When it burned down, people remarked “How I miss that beautiful big dance floor.” It was low to the ground, with concrete steps leading up. There were big front doors that you&# ...[Read More]

Hill Haven

Alton Broussard: It was on Hickory Hill Road. It must have opened around 1950. It was arough lumber, unpainted straight board type place in the woods. They had a live band on Saturday nights. The owner was Leonard Luneau, an English speaker from across Red River, who married a girl from Avoyelles.

Mac’s Country & Western Club/ Roller Rink

Listed in “Readers recall clubs where they danced to Louisiana Music” from The Daily Advertiser, December 29, 1998: “Readers of The Daily Advertiser were asked to submit names of’ the clubs where they danced to Louisiana music in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, with a brief recollection of what the club was like and who played there.” Alton Dupuy: it was next to the Peli ...[Read More]